Vita Liberata Mousse Gift Set - Dark

Vita Liberata Mousse Gift Set - Dark

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Vita Liberata Tinted Tanning Mousse Giftset - Dark

Why you need it:

Vita Liberata Mousse Gift Set features hero products that give a natural-looking sun-kissed tan.

Blur Luminosity Gold Face & Body: A highlighter for face and body that gives a light shimmer. It contains aloe vera that nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple while glycerol binds moisture to the skin. The skin gets a smooth skin tone with an instant luminous result.

• Highlighter for body and face.

• Gives a light rosy shimmer.

• Contains aloe vera and glycerol.

Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion: Build a natural-looking glow with the Untinted Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion from Vita Liberata.  The gentle formula is enriched with aloe vera, witchhazel and hyaluronic acid, helping to richly hydrate the skin while promoting a sun-kissed tan. The sumptuous lotion quickly absorbs to help lock in moisture, developing over 4-8 hours to gradually reveal a golden bronze tan.

Tinted Tanning Mousse in Shade Dark: The perfect lightweight, quick-drying self-tan mousse that allows you to enjoy a flawless, natural tan every time. Enriched with organic botanicals including Raspberry Leaf Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid, these ingredients help to soothe and hydrate the skin. The self-tanner glides onto your skin and once developed gives a radiant, lusciously dark tan result (Dark shade), lasting 4-7 days, before fading evenly.

Dual Sided Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt: This will elevate your self-tanning routine with this luxury precise tanning mitt for a perfect, streak-free tan application. This must-have accessory protects your palms and helps product glide on for a smooth, flawless tan every time. 

How to use:

Blur Luminosity Gold: Apply a small amount of product. Use on the cheekbones, eyelids, under the eyebrows, above the lip or bridge of the nose. Apply with fingers or makeup brush.

Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion: Prior to use, ensure skin is clean and exfoliated, and do not apply any moisturiser. Massage into the skin in long circular movements using your hands or a mitt. If you use your hands, wash after application. Leave on skin for 4-8 hours before showering. Apply 2-3 times per week to prolong your tan and nourish your skin.

Tinted Tanning Mousse: Prior to tanning, ensure skin is clean and exfoliated, and do not apply any moisturiser. Pump two to three times onto a tanning mitt, at a time, and massage into the skin in long circular movements. Use sparingly on hands, feet, knees and elbows. Leave on skin for a minimum of 8 hours. Rinse and pat dry. Your natural-looking tan will fade evenly over 4-7 days.

Dual Sided Tanning Mitt: To optimise your luxury tanning skin finish, apply using this extra soft flock tanning mitt. Pump product onto the mitt and cup your hand to evenly distribute across the mitt. Then apply directly to clean skin in long, circular movements for a streak-free, even and flawless tan finish. Finally, hand-wash the mitt in lukewarm water and leave to dry naturally in preparation for your next tan application.

What's Included:

Blur Luminosity Gold Cream Face & Body Highlighter 30ml

Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion 50ml

Tinted Tanning Mousse Shade Dark 200ml - Full Size

Luxury Tanning Mitt Full Size