Epionce Lytic Sport Tx

Epionce Lytic Sport Tx - 50ml

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Epionce Lytic Sport Tx is highly effective in treating skin imperfections and improving the skin’s texture and tone for the more active lifestyle. The light-weight formula is created specifically to safely treat very oily, problem adult and teenage skin by eliminating blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and inflamed blemishes.

Key Benefits

    • Maximum strength, light-weight formula treats acne, inflammatory conditions, and scaly skin diseases.
    • Creates smoother skin contour and reduces pore and scar appearance.
    • Maximum improvement in reduction of redness, irritation and scaly growths.
    • Helps regulate excess oil production and eliminate injurious bacteria.

    Key Ingredients

    • Willow Bark Extract
    • Salicylates
    • Azelaic acid
    • Meadowfoam/Flax Complex
    • Zinc Pyrithione
    • Date Extract/Rose Hip Oil Complex