Vita Liberata Moisture Boost Luxury Moisturiser

Vita Liberata Moisture Boost Luxury Moisturiser

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A daily, conditioning treatment to extend the life of your self tan!
Use this intensely hydrating, daily moisturiser to nourish the skin, while enhancing your tan and ensuring a more even fade.
Moisture Boost combines organic Shea Butter and Ginkgo Biloba in a soothing, nourishing treatment that protects and smooths the skin.

• Lightweight and quick-absorbing formula
• Hydrates and conditions the skin
• Helps maintain and prolong a tan                                                                                                                                                
Vita Liberata. The tan your skin wants.

How to use:

Massage moisturiser into dry skin until fully absorbed. Apply daily to keep  skin hydrated and prolong your tan.