Vita Liberata Tanning Anti-Age Face Serum

Vita Liberata Tanning Anti-Age Face Serum

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For a natural-looking, customisable tan with anti-ageing benefits.

Vita Liberata’s Tanning Anti-age Face Serum is the ultimate dual action face product you can’t live without!

Designed to work with your existing skincare routine, the deeply hydrating formula helps fight the signs of ageing while gradually building a subtle tan with every application. Choose your bespoke result by mixing with your moisturiser for a sun-kissed glow or apply directly for a more bronzed glow. 

•  Customisable, natural-looking tan result
•  Bakuchiol helps fight the signs of ageing
•  Nourishes and hydrates the skin                                                                                        •  Vegan formula 

Age 16+ is recommended. Keep out of reach of children.

How to use:

Add 1-8 drops of Self Tanning Anti Age Serum to your moisturiser for a bespoke natural-looking glow.  Mix and apply evenly to the face, neck and décolleté.       
As a guide, for a sun-kissed glow use 1-4 drops, for a bronze glow use 5-8 drops. 

For a darker result, apply drops directly to the face.   
For optimum results, allow a minimum of 8 hours before cleansing.

Wash hands thoroughly after application.